I'm an experienced software engineering project leader living in Australia. Mostly I've worked in the semiconductor industry, working with multinational clients in the USA, Europe, and Japan, most recently delivering USB-PD/Type-C and other power charging solutions. I have a passion for working to find solutions to challenging problems. I have a great deal of experience in embedded systems, firmware, and system simulation, particularly for deeply embedded firmware. Additional experience in distributed systems, network capture and analysis, high-performance multi-processor software, Linux system software, and development tools. I started my career working as a digital logic designer. 日本ベンチャー企業には10年間の務め経験があるソフトウェアエンジニアです。 オーストラリアに帰国したから主に半導体メーカー関係のファームウェア開発の担当をしました。 http://www.linkedin.com/in/phil-mulholland-884a


Phil Mulholland

Experienced in Distributed Systems, Event-Driven Systems, Firmware for SoC/MCU, Systems Simulation, Network Monitoring and Analysis, Automated Testing and RTL.